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Connecting Women living in, or moving to Spain

Join us at Costa Women!


Created in 2010, Costa Women is a free community for Women living, or moving to Spain


Spark ideas and share information, receive actionable advice and real life tips for your journey to and around Spain


Make new friends with positive Women. Share common interests. Find jobs, homes and more


Our community offers local social and business events. Grow your business and yourself.

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  •   What a year this has been… AND it all began with my Dad deciding to leave this world on my birthday January 22. I was dealing with this very abrupt physical separation as best I could, and then suddenly I was amidst a world wide pandemic, fear for the C-o-r-o-n-a V-i-r-u-s was sendi...
  • Thu at 2:43 PM
    Posted by Ali Meehan
    'Build the bridge and the river will appear' is the theme of Rita Matias life.  In our latest Costa Women 'make it happen' interview we talk Aura readings, Treasure maps and Rita shares some insights into her journey from Portugal to Brighton. If you are one of our Costa Women 2021 Planners, R...
  •   Most mornings I spend my waking moments breathing in the new day, being grateful for everything I have and embracing all my feelings and Human concerns that may come up. This allows me to relax deeper and deeper into my own natural state of being love, joy & peace that is always a breath a...
  • US dollar undermined by US election and coronavirus vaccine   The US dollar experienced notable volatility over the past couple of weeks largely as a result of US election drama. During this time we’ve seen GBP/EUR climb from 1.10 to 1.11, whilst EUR/GBP has slipped back to 0.89. Mean...
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