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  • 4 hours ago
    Posted by Emma Biggins
    So since I have the writing bug at the minute, I came up with this idea to make a book about cheese because I love cheese! Now don´t get excited, this isn´t a book that will tell you how to make amazing food with cheese, in fact you won´t learn anything from this book.  We li...
  • Meet Cherry Jeffs - a mixed-media artist and creative practice coach, with a thing about wings! In her artist persona Cherry makes Artist’s Books which in her case are like a cross between origami and pop-up! And as a coach she helps people establish sustainable creative habits, deve...
  • Mon at 11:01 AM
    Posted by Debbie Skyrme
    Death process in Spain - what to do when someone dies All you need to know about dying abroad in Spain, death registration of an expat resident in Spain, the funeral process and celebrations of life. Funerals happen very fast in Spain. I remember speaking to a British person who sold funeral in...
  • Mon at 10:54 AM
    Posted by Debbie Skyrme
    So just how do you get married in Gibraltar? Gibraltar is a spit of land off mainland Spain. It is not an island. You can walk or drive across the border very easily. Once you are there, very bizarrely you are surrounded by all things British.  In fact Gibraltar is still a British Overseas Te...
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