Join us at Costa Women!

Connecting Women living in, or moving to Spain

Join us at Costa Women!


Created in 2010, Costa Women is a free community for Women living, or moving to Spain


Spark ideas and share information, receive actionable advice and real life tips for your journey to and around Spain


Make new friends with positive Women. Share common interests. Find jobs, homes and more


Our community offers local social and business events. Grow your business and yourself.

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  • All the latest information is on and Brits in Spain Facebook. The Q&A document that is pinned to the top of their Facebook page is kept updated and is a useful place if you need information.   Here's what the Embassy advise:-   S...
  • During the lockdown and our free online webinars, I have heard inspirational stories from Costa Women members.  Here’s the first three.  If you have any you would like to share please comment below and I can be in touch.   Using what Skills you have Firstly, Marjan Looije - M...
  • These are extraordinary times. For many families out there, being in lockdown and needing to educate (= homeschooling) and entertain their children can be a daunting task. Even though you might not connect my Online Tech Consultant and Personal Assistant Business with educ...
  • Welcome to this quiet and sacred space, just to relax, to breathe that conscious breath. I’ve decided to copy you all the text to my latest Facebook live video for you to either read or/and listen to here. I know for sure it will resonate with your Divine self within. Enjoy this coming qui...
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