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  • Aga Mortlock is a brand photography specialist. She is known for creating high-end, natural and engaging brand visuals. Outstanding images that reflect who you are and tell your brand story; that boost your profile and take your business to another level.

    A flat lay is a photograph taken from directly above. Beneath, there's a flat surface that serves as the backdrop and staging ground for the subjects of the photo. In most cases, the subjects are items that have been arranged on the surface like a vignette, lay flat in place.

    Aga often shoots flat lays for her brand photography clients as a part of their bank of images (NOTE - the image for this event is a flat lay). It's a great tool to enhance branding, showcase products, celebrate accomplishments, and reveal the belongings and activities you value. Now flat lays are everywhere! While they may look easy, they do require some thoughtfulness and preparation.⁠

    Aga said "When I begin developing a concept for a flat lay photo, I first think about the subject/story, mood, and colour palette. My next step is to choose my background, and then I build my flat lay from the background up by layering objects and playing with the placement of different elements.⁠ The good news that you can shoot your own flat lays at home. Please tune in to my live on Thursday when I'll be showing you how to create your own set of personalised flat lays."

    If you have a product which you want to photograph, this online event is perfect for you!

    When: Jun 11, 2020 11:30 AM Madrid

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    11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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    Ali Meehan & Aga Mortlock
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