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  • Join me online every Wednesday afternoon at 5 to 5pm Spanish time in our NewEarthCommunity Facebook group... a sacred and quiet space in which to relax, breathe the conscious breath and tune into Your Magnificent Self. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ournewearthcommunity

    At this most extraordinary time, Humanity find themselves in a great Shift of Consciousness! Everything is changing. Everyone is being asked to look at their lives AND this mass isolation is a perfect opportunity to go within, to embrace the silence and get to know All of yourself, to become your own best friend, spirit guide and doctor AND discover the antidote of all illness and dis-ease.

    I have worked with Consciousness AND Energy for the last 20 years, inspiring and supporting Humanity to reunite Body, Mind & Spirit, to come back into balance and embrace their true multidimensional self and prepare them for their next role as Master and Creator, living life as a celebration as their Magnificent and powerful self.

    It all begins and ends with the Conscious Breath where YOU will discover that YOU are LOVE itself!
    AND LOVE is the Antidote! Your Magnificent Self!

    The world is naturally changing, everything built on fear and lack is no longer supported and collapsing to make way for new potential born of love, unity and abundance to come into being. The experience of duality, of the victim and aggressor roles are being replaced by the Sovereign Master and Creator who knows of his/her natural power of love.

    I've written and published my own true love story... Your Magnificent Self...A Journey to Freedom, Awakening to the truth of Who IAM, Integrating all parts of myself and celebrating Embodied Realisation, DivineHuman Mastery on the Earth plane. I have also released our MasterCreator Class (online & local) for the ones who are ready to commit to and celebrate their own DivineHuman Mastery. https://www.memymagnificentself.com
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    5:00 PM - 5:30 PM
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    Benalmadena Map
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    Barbara Franken
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