Demystifying CBD Oil (part 1)

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  • This is the first in a 2part-series focused on Demystifying CBD Oil

    Special Message from Simona Mango
    Ladies, I’m looking forward to our two meetings on CBD a lot! Just one quick note: the legislation around health matters is very strict, and as I am not a medical doctor, I am not allowed to make what they call “medical claims”. So you won’t hear me say that CBD is good for this and that, I’m not going to list ailments and conditions it can help with, nor to share my personal experience with it (which is very sad, because I became a distributor after using it myself and getting great benefits from it…). What I would advise you to do is, do a little bit of your own research, so you know what it can help with, and I will talk about all the other things you need to know. You are of course allowed to share your own experiences with the group, during or after our meeting. Take care, see you next Tuesday!

    Costa Women Costa Tropical group invites YOU to join our first in a 2-part series on CBD Oil with New Member, Simona Mango, via ZOOM (event details below). During this time of isolation, we decided that it’s important to provide an opportunity to connect and use the power of technology! Our meet-ups and shared experiences are meant to ENABLE you, to help you CONNECT with other like-minded women, to SUPPORT you and to INSPIRE you for the better. We will be using ZOOM as a way to connect. If you’ve never used ZOOM, don’t worry, it’s easy!

    This isolation period is causing almost everyone on the planet a sense of uncertainty. On the other hand, it comes with an unexpected gift for us: some time to discover new things, to toy with new ideas, to learn new skills, both on our own and in connection with others.

    The 30minute session will address basic misconceptions about CBD oil. Come armed with questions on how to recognise a good product and how to use it in order to get the full benefits of this wonderful gift from nature.

    Simona is a Swiss/Italian classical singer who performs internationally and lives in the countryside outside of Malaga. She is passionate about health, natural remedies and nutrition, and runs an online business besides her musical career, focused on promoting CBD oil products Europe wide. Feel free to order products here:

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    WHEN: Tuesday, March 31, 4:30-5:00pm

    WHERE: Your home! Just make sure that you have a fully charged phone or laptop and a pair of earbuds

    WHO THIS IS FOR: Anyone that is a member of Costa Women Costa Tropical and would benefit from learning more about this topic.
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    Ann Jenkins and Dita Grunte
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