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Here at CaixaBank we think there's nothing more important than feeling at home, wherever you are. That's why we present HolaBank, a programme aimed at international clients, offering you a high-value financial support, advice and guidance service tailored to meet your needs in Spain.

Because the best way for us to get on is by speaking the same language, you'll have a multilingual team of highly-qualified specialists at your disposal.

With the HolaBank Account you'll get useful financial solutions and you'll be part of the HolaBank Club, with which you'll have access to a range of services so that all you have to worry about is what really matters: enjoying yourself wherever you are. And you'll also have personalised advice in your own language to help you feel at home.

HolaBank account, an account for international customers that offers financial solutions and personal services to make your everyday life in Spain easier.

We have also just launched (the first Bank in Europe to do this) a NON-resident ONLINE account.  Register here

HolaBank multilingual advisers

Online banking for all your needs 24/7, in 22 languages

170 HolaBank branches very close to you

 Ask for the HolaBank Account services on +34 935 917 951

Or online

Maryna Yatsenyuk

Directora segmento HolaBank / Banca de Particulares / DT Andalucía Oriental y Murcia

Móvil: +34 618 659 230

C/Liborio Garcia, 10 PL 1 29005 Málaga