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Envirocare Masterbuild


Hello, I am Helen Johnson of EnviroCare/Masterbuild. We have been professionally installing cooling heating, and solar products, together with property renovations on the Costa del Sol, for over 25 years. This is my working life, and also a massive part of my private life.  It's been part of what I do for over a quarter of a century, so that must mean there's something about this that I love! We have a brilliant team, and one of my top team members is my husband Phil. So we really do: walk the walk and talk the talk!

We work with clients throughout Andalusia.  One of the reasons this works so well, is because we have an amazing office presence - Nicolas Sanchez is always available giving us excellent back up support and just being there for our clients.

Some of our clients date back to the early days of EnviroCare/Masterbuild, because after we install the product, we then service yearly to make sure our installations continue to perform in tip top order. We have wonderful stories of continued relationships. Being around when some of our clients first moved over, catching up on tidbits of life as the years have rolled by. Hearing all about children, grandchildren, hobbies, achievements. Our children were born along the way, and it's so lovely to be asked what they are doing, where they are, and what is happening in their lives. 

I can honestly say, I am proud of what we have achieved and how we have grown and developed our product range and our services over the years, yet never forgetting our core values of quality, professionalism and first class service. 

Our installations are show rooms to our success. Bringing us in recommendations and compliments from happy customers. We have two grown up daughters now, and we really do pull Phil's leg about his obsession with tools, and how each set of tools has to have its own tool box. Although this is a bit of a joke in our family, it is actually a top quality of Phil's to have the exact tools and product required to carry out the job the fitters have arrived to do.  He totally plans ahead to arrive at the job with exactly what is needed to get finished on time, without having to 'nip' out for forgotten parts. I see he does drive Nicolas crazy sometimes with his constant requests for ordering piles of note pads for his 'To-Do' lists. 

We do find ourselves praising ourselves ...... because we truly do believe we give the best in terms of quality, up to date advise and true technical knowledge that our clients need. Keeping ourselves fully informed within our industry is a job in itself, I have to say, but it's one of those necessities that goes hand in hand with the technical world we work within.

We keep a clean ship, or for those of you that aren't as used to living next to the Mediterranean as we are, we keep all our jobs clean and tidy, and actually make very little mess, and certainly keep the upheaval to the very minimum. 


Our offices are based on the Costa del Sol, please pop by for a coffee when you are passing, or call me on 617453550, or Nicolas on 952663141; we are here to give advice. And obviously we are always available to visit you, to discuss your requirements, and listen to what your plans are, so we can give you the best recommendations and prices that we possibly can.

I have loved introducing myself to you. With best wishes and lots of Spanish sunshine to you all.