Silence, men and their word budgets, digital VAT and more

  • For those of you who missed it here is an unedited recording of the talk I gave on Friday at the wonderful Costa Women #MakeitHappenSpain 2015.

    We really need your help to fill in the survey (anonymous) and lobby the EU via the petition.  We are in Brussels next week and this is a great opportunity to hear from t he women of Spain.  Please see all information here

    Here the recording - click here to listen


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  • Annabel Kaye
    Annabel Kaye We are having an effect - but we still need your help.  Please read this update as we ow have got the UK Prime Minister raising this - but we need the Spanish one too.  We need our help.  Pretty please

    Don't give up, don't give in - step up, speak...  more
    March 19, 2015 - Report