Preventing and Overcoming ALL dis-ease naturally, safely

  • Having been a British Red Cross nurse and having lost a young daughter and beloved husband to cancer and overcome pancreatic cancer myself all naturally back in 2003, I trained all over the world in the lost arts of true TRADITIONAL medicine.   

    I then dedicated the rest of my life to helping ordinary people overcome and ideally PREVENT DISEASE in the first place, safely inexpensively and in the comfort of our own homes as I did.   

    What I learned from natural health specialists around the world was that cancer is merely toxicity which has been building up in the body over years.  Exhaustion and inflammation turn to induration and eventually to metastases.  Epi-genetics are more the cause than genetics.  So our lifestyles and our stress are the cause. In the case of babies and small children diagnosed with disease, it is caused by the pollutants their parents have been subjected to.

    Polluted air from chemtrails as well as traffic, flouridated water supply, dehydration, acidity, lack of oxygen and sunshine, processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, electro magnetic radiation from our computers, WiFi, mobile phones, TV and the cell towers and stress are causing sickness and when we are radical in addressing these, we heal.

    This is the reason I have spent a lot of time in Portugal and Spain for 50 years!   If you want to hear more, come to my seminar at gorgeous Los Monteros Hotel 3-6 p.m. on Saturday 11th May 2019.   Entry free to my genuine Costa Women Friends WHO REGISTER WITH ME, 20 euros to others to help cover costs.   This is a blessing, not a money making event! 

    I made six years of global TV here in La Cala, Spain, all programs on my website, and am now moving on round the world with this message, based from my family home in the tiny island of Jersey.










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  • Barbara Franken
    Barbara Franken Felicity what a truly beautiful message you have. You are the blessing and I Thankyou for travelling around the world informing others of the truth of dis-ease. I myself have written many blog posts about this very thing, and will continue like yourself...  more
    May 7, 2019 - Report