Bridging the Gap Between Human Tragedy & Social Responsibility

  •      You can’t be connected to anything going on in our world today and not be aware of the current refugee crisis. You can’t turn on the news and not see it. Even scrolling through the various social media accounts, you will see images and stories that remind us of this crisis. Sometimes, the needs seem too great, too overwhelming. We just don’t know what to do. We feel disconnected from those hurting. We don’t know how to help.

         This is where Interlink Resources International (IRI) comes into play. IRI is a non-profit organization that strives to meet practical needs of refugees by offering them love and support in their heart language. They go to where refugees are and engage with them as people rather than merely a number. They are the bridge between refugees and all of us who don’t quite know how to help.

         We can’t sit back and just watch this crisis happen without doing anything. We as humans have a responsibility to help. What better way than support an organization that already knows what to do and is trusted in the community?