Where in Spain is the best place for your first date?

  • Spain – sun, sea, food, drink and glorious places to see! – With all the choice, where would you meet on your first date with expatdatingspain.com

     Cocktails at the beach would be most people’s idea of heaven! How could a first date fail over a Tinto de Verano or a simple Sangria with the surf drifting up the beach? You could chat under the big umbrellas and soak up the last of the evening sunshine while getting to know each other. Plus it’s public – don’t forget that this is a first date and you may not really know that much about who you’re with. Keep safe, think safe at all times and enjoy it safely! 
    Spain has so many cities to choose from. Barcelona is such an exciting place to explore. Seville is sublime, Bilbao is stunning and you can seek out Cafe Iruna for the atmosphere – it is truly amazing. Being alone has great advantages and we must always be positive about them. But sharing experiences takes two. Wandering the streets of an ancient city with someone new, getting to know them as you drift from shaded squares to cafes, to shops, to museums, wherever – is a dream.  
    Make your dates real highlights – not all of them are going to work out, but make sure each of them is a good experience while giving it your best. 
    Small villages abound with history and are perfect for intimate conversations. If you haven’t spent much time getting to know your first date online before arranging a meet up, keep the date short. Think about coffee rather than dinner. If it works out well you could easily agree on a second date for a meal, but if it doesn’t then you aren’t committed beyond the coffee.
    In Spain, fiestas, festivals and Flamenco are never far away. You could dance the night away with your date at any of your local fun spots. This can be a really great option if you have friends to go along with you. A first date in a crowd can be both intimidating and exhilarating. Intimidating because at least one of you has their friends around and that means dealing with a lot of new people at once. Exhilarating because it can be so much fun to have a drink, a laugh, dance, sing and let your hair down knowing that you are with a group of friends and support is there if you need it.
    Plus, you’re all having fun together!
    Spain is a wonderful place to live and if you’re looking to share it then find a good dating site and get dating. There’s no excuse for sitting at home missing out on all the best Spain has to offer. Just do it! by Katie May at expat dating Spain