Reasons to move to Spain - Culture and history

  • History has made Spain what it is - a multicultural, cosmopolitan country which is accepting of other cultures and ideas.  Since the days of Franco, Spain has changed considerably.  Gone are the days of trade embargoes and inward looking business practices.  They have been replaced by an outward looking culture, full of hope and enthusiasm for the future.  Business is booming. Spanish companies are taking over British business, especially in the banking sector.  The Spanish have learned the meaning of "service with a smile" which sadly Britain is losing. Some young Spanish people are sceptical of the corruption which has undoubtedly occurred in Spain, but having travelled the world over, the writer observes that it is much worse in some other countries - some of whom pretend that they behave in a civilised manner when in fact they are far from being so.

    Cities like Barcelona have always welcomed incomers with open arms with the result of it being one of the most sophisticated and cultured destinations in the world.  The ancient history of Barcelona, as referred to in Simon Harris´book "Catalonia is not Spain" shows how Catalonian society has been developed over centuries.  The industrial north of Spain welcomes foreign investment and has a history of encouraging money into the area.  When they did not have the work force to support the industry, they imported it from other parts of Spain and abroad, enriching the culture and developing the economy.  Andalucia typically lived, and continues to live, mainly on its tourism industry, especially now that the construction boom has ended.  Spain certainly knows how to market itself. Again, this has encouraged other nationalities to settle in Andalucia in particular, creating an eclectic mix of cultures.  Even the  invasion of the Moors and their subsequent expulsion has left its mark. The Castilian language is littered with every day words which have originated in Arabic.

    This mix of cultures raising from history makes Spain a very enjoyable and interesting place to live.... there is more to Spain than the excellent wines and weather.