Reasons to move to Spain - Property

  • Property prices in Spain vary as much as they do in the UK.  Prices in Marbella and Puerto Banus can rival those in London, but you will get more for your money.  Whether you are looking for a crash pad in a city or a luxurious villa with pool out in the country, you will be spoilt for choice.  An apartment with three bedrooms in Malaga can cost as little as £50,000. Prices in London are three times that, notwithstanding the area.   As ever, you would need to do your homework and research carefully before buying, but with great transport links between London and Malaga, it is not inconceiveable to have the best of both worlds before making your final decision to move to the sun.

    If you are looking for a country villa with a pool (which is what most people want when they come to Spain), and, focussing on the Costa del Sol, you are spoilt for choice at the time of writing.  There are bargains to be had, but estate agents are starting to say that the market is picking up and they are getting busier, with actual sales being made.  One estate agent reported that she had sold all of her properties under €100,000 and was looking for more.  Buyers really are spoilt for choice, but with a better exchange rate between the pound sterling and the euro than we have seen for a long time, prices will start to rise in certain price brackets.

    The situation is different in other parts of Spain which are not as popular with expatriates from northern Europe.  We will be researching this aspect when we visit Galicia for a couple of months in July and August, but even researching on the internet can get results, taking care to submit questions to Google in Spanish and not English.  The results can be quite different, as was discovered when looking for rental property in the Eastern Costa del Sol.

    Your move to Spain will be life changing.  The combined factors of the superb climate (not withstanding the occasional cold snap), the lifestyle, the food and the general ambience, together with more bang for your bucks on the property market may well be the clinching factor in making that final step and a less stressful way of life.