Reasons to move to Spain - whatever the weather

  • Spain has long been the favourite destination for sun seeking north Europeans.  The long hot days of summer and the cool, bright winters are a tonic from the hit and miss of summers in the UK or long dark winters.  Spring is the best time to be in southern Spain, although February is a beautiful month as the almond blossom starts to appear. The cooler days of autumn are almost a blessing after the searing heat of the summer in Andalucia. 

    Spain is a big country, and the climate  in Galicia is very different to that in Andalucia.  The greenery of the mountains of Galicia is in stark contrast to the dry, arid ranges of Andalucia.   The countryside in the north is very similar to that in Scotland with mountains and valleys, rivers and great expanses of water.   There can be excesses too. In Velez Malaga (Andalucia)  in November 2014 there were huge tracts of ice in the streets, brought there by a deluge of hailstones.  In the mountains above the Costa del Sol, the temperature difference can be very different to that on the coast.  A bright sunny day on the coast does not mean good weather 35 minutes away in the mountains.

    Climate change has had an impact on weather patterns over the last few years with more rain and lower temperatures in the winter. The climate is, however, still far balmier than that in the UK and for those with arthritis and joint problems is a far healthier environment than the damp and cold of the UK although even that seems to be changing and the UK is, in some areas, much drier than in previous years!

    Whatever your motivation for thinking of moving to Spain, the kinder weather may well play a big part in your decision making process. 

    For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Spain is the place to be, whatever the weather.