Ten reasons to move to Spain

  • 1.  The climate - most people say that to begin with but there are many other reasons.

    2.  Lifestyle - the Spanish love their fiestas, eating out and socialising. 

    3.  Property - there is a wide range of property at excellent prices - especially at the moment with the strong euro.

    4.  Education system - the system is as good as if not better than in the UK.

    5.  Health care - more easily accessible and affordable.  This is very important as you get older.

    6.  Culture and history. History has played its part in making Spain an international community.

    7.  Wine - good quality, reasonably priced wine from a wide range of vineyards.  Cheaper alholic drinks generally.

    8. Cost of living - no television licences, no road tax, lower rates on properties.

    9.  Geographical location - easy to travel from / to anywhere in the world.

    10.  Easy commuting to and from Europe and the Middle East for those who are still working.