How to prevent a cold or flu in these cold and rainy days?

  • How to prevent a cold or flu in these cold and rainy days?

    I would like to share a very effective yet simple method to prevent a cold or flu and strengthening your immune system. 

    Have you ever heard about oil-pulling? Oil pulling is a relatively uncomplicated, very old procedure that is suitable for the daily detoxification of the body. It has its origin in the Ayurveda. By rinsing your mouth with oil, a wide variety of symptoms are cured and diseases are alleviated. Often, oil pulling even saves from a surgical intervention.

    This has to do with the fact that sucking and slurping the oil in the oral cavity has a certain self-healing effect. One advantage of oil pulling is that the natural flora of the mouth is not affected.

    The positive effect of oil pulling is based on the enormous healing process caused by the substances contained in the oil. Oil slurping prevents the destruction of the intestinal flora in the mouth and helps maintain a balance between healthy and disease-causing germs. Oil pulling is also a detoxification.

    All you need is a spoon of an edible oil, cold-pressed, organic varieties are best. Research says that it does not matter, which oil you will use, e.g. coconut oil, olive oil, sesame or sunflower seed oil, which I personally prefer to use. It rather depends on your personal preference. Of course each oil may have extra individual benefits. 

    The toxins and germs in the mouth after getting up are removed.

    It is as simple as that: In the morning after you get and do anything take a spoon of oil into your mouth and chew it for 15-20 minutes. By pulling and mixing with saliva, pathogenic toxins come out of the blood. For this reason, the oil should not be swallowed! Then brush your teeth. 

    Oil pulling can be supplemented by a final tongue cleaning. When taking the oil pulling cure, make sure that you are sober. Then the tolerance is at its highest.

    What are the benefits:

    - detox from bacteria, viruses and other germs

    - eliminate fat dissolvable toxins from your brain. This over time may contribute to more clarity in mind.

    - important in dental care, supporting healthy gums, great help with periodontal disease or receding gums 

    - helps with acidity of the organism, arthrosis, insomnia, psoriasis, migraines, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, asthma, eczema and inflammation of the frontal and paranasal sinuses ... and much more...

    Considering this amazing effect, oil pulling is considered an inexpensive, gentle and easy-to-implement form of treatment for numerous acute and chronic ailments.

    I use it since many years for health supporting purposes. 

    When starting with oil-pulling may lead to initial worsening. As contraindication are considered amalgam fillings in the teeth as it may release mercury into the body.

    In this context, it should be noted that oil pulling is not a cure all remedy. It can therefore be concluded that oil pulling cannot replace sound medical treatment.

    Enjoy your practice! Thank you for your attention.

    I love to support your health and wellbeing: