Another Adventure Emerges into the Sunshine.

  • The Long Leg of Italy: Explore with Just Us Two finally emerged from the wraps in January.

    Unfortunately, due to a lot going on in the family, promotion was pushed to the side somewhat. But we are now back on track - I hope. I had a book launch recently at a local eaterie. The Golden Lion, Rossett.

    The adventure is not motorbike based but spans twenty-five years which, in the process of writing, proved to be very emotional as I re-lived and realised just what we had done. Inevitably, I researched deeper and deeper to make sure that my facts and Italian spellings were correct. I dragged out videos, photographs, and  the never-ending maps.

    It covers the time when we were novice, independant travellers; it jumps across the time when we were jaunting across Europe on the Gold Wing motorbike including northern Italy; it then takes you the lakes and Dolomites of northern Italy where we experienced what we missed on the bike,before swooping down to the interior of the deep south. These last two tours were escorted tours which, in truth, were an unbelievably exciting and amazing experience.

    We first went to Italy for our twenty-fifth wedding Anniversary. My husband didn't want a party but insisted on a trip.

     "If you have read the first in the Just Us Two series, you will know of my husband’s aversion to parties. As our Silver Wedding Anniversary approached, he was adamant that he wasn’t having a party.
    ‘We will have a little trip,’ he decreed.
    That is what he thought! He meant a little trip in the UK, not too far from home."
    As with all other titles, it is available in print and multiple eBook formats
    Enjoy the sunshine. I think it has forgotten where the UK is! I hope we don't have to wait until our next winter visit to Nerja!
    Rosalie xx