Flying off a mountain on the longest Zip Wire in Europe

  • What? Flying off a mountain? How? When?  

    Yes, I did, along with another nutter (pardon - Gold Wing Club member.

    Rather than repeat myself, I will point you to the direction of Rosalie's Chatter where there is a full story and lots of photos.

    We actually raised a lot of money for Dreamflight Children's Charity. Just over £977 between us with the lion's share from my fellow flier, Ian.

    It was a belated 70th birthday present ( one which the family were not keen on) and I couldn't resist once Ian brought details to our  Lancs and Lakes Gold Wings regional - meeting.

    My You Tube video is also on Rosalie's Chatter. It scared the life out of me when we put the DVD compilation onto the wide screen TV.

    To explain - Zip World take a short film of each participant using Ustar and send it in a very secure package which no-one could open. So I put this on You Tube.

    Then I compiled this along with the head cam film and loads of stills into one video which is also on You Tube and embedded into Rosalie's Chatter.

    So hold on tight and enjoy!

    Rosalie xx 

    P.S. And we made Page 2 of my local paper.