Hello again Costa friends

  • Buenas Dias Costa Ladies,

    This last year has been hectic and looking at my last post it is 12 months since I have posted. Where has the time gone to?

    Return to Spain.

    The end of March brough a special wedding anniversary and a visit to Gran Canaria after a family meal. What a beautiful island. We stayed at the Dunas Don Gregory on the beach on the south of the island. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the trips which Saga had included. Our favourite was Puerto Mogan with the Island Tour  a close second.  Puerto Mogan is a wonderful flower-bedecked town at the bottom of a cliff.

    We did return to Nerja in November/December for another stay at the Marinas de Nerja. Surprisingly the weather in the first week of December was much warmer than expected. It was a lovely restful time. I went under the weather, got better, then went down again with whatever had been bothering me.

    Once again we went to Granada.

    In 2012, we spent our free time in El Corte Ingles. Yes! a whole visit to one store. Actually we hadn't explored all floors before and neither of us wanting to walk around in the cold at that time, and having seen the city and the Alhambra on earlier visits we thought we would take the opportunity.

    Last year however, we had read about the new Granada city train. We tried to find how we could book, got maps off the Internet etc., but to no avail. Reception at the hotel had no knowledge. Neither had the Tourist Information Office in Nerja so we thought that we would take pot-luck and see what we could find out when we got there.

    Well, we might have known that Saga would have it sorted. Suzanne, our tour guide had maps, she had arranged a pick-up point just around the corner from El Corte Ingles (the stop we had already chosen - it is hop on, hop off etc.) and had also negotiated a huge discount for Saga guests.

    If you haven't been on this city tour on the new purpose built train, it is a must. The route takes you up to the Alhambra, through the woodland on the outside of the walls with the spectacular views, into the old quarter and back down to the centre. El Tren is not the usual one. It is a streamlined one which looks high speed in design and has been built to be able to navigate the narrow streets of the old part of the city.

    I wrote a blog about Granada afterwards with photos taken over the years. There is also a map of the tour. http://www.discover-rosalie.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/flavours-of-gran...

    Last year, you will have experienced the heavy rainfall and some of you the tornado. I do hope that you were all safe. http://www.discover-rosalie.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/when-rain-in-spa...

    Writing and other things.

    I spent most of last year completing The Long Leg of Italy: Explore  

    with Just Us Two.  It is the third in the Just Us Two travel series and the subsequent formatting, jacket design, getting to print, marketing etc.. There is an excerpt in Rosalie's Chatter.  This is on a Goodreads Giveaway  until February 12th. Ali invited me to put in the Events Section - Fabulous February Carnival where you can click a link to enter.. 

    (Shh, there will be something else coming up when that ends . . )

    In addition I had brought out Talking the Talk: Getting the Message Across,  the fifth in the Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides. It is aimed at short talks, presentations, 1:1 and group speaking in public. etc.

    The inevitable weather.

    It is freezing here in Wales but we, in our little corner, have missed most of the bad weather.

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    And I do hope that one of you are the lucky recipient in the Goodreads Giveaway.

    Have a good summer  Costa ladies and save some sunshine for us later in the year. Hasta la Vista!


    Rosalie xx