Tips for transferring funds to and from Spain

  • Transferring your money at the right time

    When sending money overseas, making the right decisions,including the transfer time, is essential. This may seem a bit daunting, but don't worry, currency transfer specialists have developed many tools to help you get it right, and avoid losing out in poor exchange rates.


    Setting up rate alerts

    As 2016 demonstrated, thee currency market is hugely volatile and exchange rates can fluctuate dramatically in a short space of time. Currenyc experts know that following these rate variations is essential to find the right time to transfer money overseas, therefor , they give you the option to set up rate alerts. All you have to do is tell them your desired rate; they will follow the markets on your behalf and whenever your target rate has been achived, they will inform you by email or SMS.


    Asking for expert guidance

    Understanding the market movements is also vital to make the right money transfer decisions. Unlike traditional banks, curremcy transfer specialists are concentracted on foreigh exchange markets, so they are able to provide you the guidance you need. They offier a personlalised service which includes communications with a dedicated account manager and acess to online tools such as currency charts; allowingg you to follow the evolution of your currency; and regular market updates which are delivered straight into your email inbox.


    Although there isn´t any magical tool to predict the future variations of exchange rates, the elements mentioned above, combined with help from currency specialists, will enable you to access the appropriate time for your transfer.


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