Adding your Business as a Listing under the Business & Offers page

  • The Costa Women community work hard to promote and support other members businesses and the products and services which they provide, including the opportunity to present, or be part of our local events.

    If you want to add your Business under the Directory & Offers page (this is currently a free listing) please email me to the follow information:-

    • Your Company Name
    • Description of the products or services which you offer (don't forget to include what's in it for the Client/Customer)
    • Geographical area of where you operate, or whether the service is web-based
    • Your Logo, any images, or video links you want included
    • The address of your Website, blog, Twitter ID, Facebook page, Business Google+ and/or Linkedin Profile etc. for business

    And then I will add your products or services.

    Please note that the advertising on Costa Women website and communicating with members is always in accordance of our terms of service

    Any questions do please let me know.